After many years of trial and error, the Pied Piper Curriculum has become a highly successful, fully rounded programme that allows children to soar in their primary school years.

A specific combination of Traditional and Montessori experiences, combined with selected portions of the IEB and CAPS pre-school curriculum has fallen into place to create our daily routine.  Our goal in developing the whole child, through carefully facilitated experiences is our priority and we are constantly striving to improve our knowledge and understanding to achieve this. Learning through play forms the basis of our programme, and the social and emotional development of our children is extremely important. Our outdoor equipment and grassy areas challenge children’s physical abilities daily, and the sandpits create wonderful opportunities for learning as well.

Continuous assessment procedures allow our teachers to differentiate activities, in order to cater for children’s specific needs, as well as to adjust the environment to suit all learning abilities.  Children receive a report twice a year (Grade R receive termly) for parents to see their achievements, and parent information evenings are held throughout the year. Pied Piper works closely with local therapy centres, should children require additional help during their pre-school years.

A number of extra mural activities are available to complement your child’s school day, at an additional cost.



Tumbling Tigers

Tumbling Tigers is an excellent gross motor programme that focuses on core strength, flexibility and team work. The children thoroughly enjoy getting loud and sweaty on the playground. This is held on Tuesdays at 10:00.


Our exquisite Ballet teacher, Meagan Olivier teaches ballet every Wednesday at 10:30. Meagan is a qualified Cecchetti ballet teacher with an internationally recognised qualification.
She teaches ballet for all ages starting at 3 years old. You can contact Meagan on 084 680 0111.


Cheryl teaches Pottery to interested children on a Tuesday morning at 10:30. This is a wonderful addition to our fine motor programme and the creations that children get to take home are beautiful.


Catrobatzkids has been a part of the Pied Piper Family for a very long time. The programme incorporates gymnastics, acrobatics and general gross motor strength. It is highly recommended.


Every Friday, the Pied Piper Bus takes children down to the Blairgowrie Swim Academy for swimming lessons. Knowing how to swim is an integral and exceptionally important skill that all children should have from very early on.

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